Lorin’s Anodized Aluminum Empowers Isaiah Industries’ ClickLock Standing Seam


Lorin Industries, Inc., announces that its anodized aluminum is a new option for Isaiah Industries’ ClickLock Standing Seam panels. The option for anodized aluminum as the foundation of these panels highlights the value of Lorin’s anodized aluminum in architectural applications, where the unique metal enables long-lasting and aesthetically superior solutions.

Isaiah Industries’ ClickLock Standing Seam panels feature the superior performance of ClickLock and now can be made of the incredibly durable Lorin anodized aluminum. Isaiah Industries trusts Lorin as a partner for this product because Lorin’s anodized aluminum is the finish of choice for everything from spacecraft to computer parts. Renowned for its scratch resistance, longevity, and clean contemporary look, Lorin’s anodized aluminum is ideal for wall paneling. The material is lightweight, corrosion resistant, and energy efficient, making it ideal for outdoor applications where it must withstand the wear and tear of the environment while maintaining peak appearance. Hidden clips in the ClickLock system further optimize the solution by allowing for thermal movement while the way the panels snap together prevents issues with wind-resistance.

The solution is highly sustainable, as each lightweight panel is crafted from 100% recyclable material. The product is available in a variety of colors and textures, including ColorIn BlackMatt, ColorIn Medium Bronze, ColorIn Subtle Light Bronze, ClearMatt, Copper Penny, and GoldMatt.