Enmark announces EnVision analytics and decision support tool


Enmark Systems, Inc., the developer of award-winning Eniteo, an ERP software platform for the metal service industry, today announced the public availability of their EnVision analytics and decision support tool.

EnVision, by Enmark Systems, is cloud-based and purpose-built for users of the Eniteo ERP system. EnVision users can create business snapshots and comparisons, identify exceptions and areas of concern, view trends, and much more. This is a full-featured analytics tool with powerful, easy-to-use filtering, sorting, segmenting, and drill-down capabilities.

Chris Vaughn, Vice President of Product Strategy, said "We are especially excited about the launch of EnVision because we have been working closely with our customers to design a product that harnesses the power of the data within their Eniteo ERP system. Our team has done an amazing job creating a tool that provides measurable, actionable insights for our customers."

Users can create reports from scratch with the intuitive drag-and-drop interface and utilize a library of pre-built reports and dashboards. In addition, EnVision provides rule-based task management and alerts. For example, notifications can be sent when a customer order exceeds a certain amount or to alert when specific inventory is not moving according to goal. This means that instead of sifting through data to identify issues, users will be automatically notified when something needs attention.

EnVision is the latest addition to the Enmark suite of products designed to connect the top floor to the shop floor and drive growth across the entire service center operation. Voted the top ERP system for metal service centers in May 2024 by Metal Center News, Eniteo is Enmark's flagship product.

Enmark's President, Ben Lion, said, "EnVision provides users with the ability to visualize data across their entire enterprise. This will enable smart, just-in-time data-driven decisions that maximize efficiency and profitability.  We believe this access to data, coupled with real-time alerting and task management will be a game changer for Enmark customers."

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