Delta Motion Enhances RMC200 Motion Controllers with EtherCAT Communication


Delta Motion is pleased announces the addition of an EtherCAT communication module to its flagship RMC200 Motion Controller family. This new module enables the RMC200 to efficiently connect to EtherCAT-enabled devices and control electric motor drives over EtherCAT, reaffirming Delta Motion’s commitment to delivering high-performance technology solutions for servo-hydraulic and servo-electric motion applications.

The new R200-ECAT MainDevice module is compatible with both the RMC200 Lite and Standard, allowing control of up to 18 and 50 axes, respectively. The module easily plugs into any RMC200 base, occupying the slot adjacent to the CPU module. Existing customers can upgrade by purchasing the R200-ECAT module and performing a firmware update. The enhanced functionality supports Delta’s renowned position, velocity, pressure, and force control capabilities via EtherCAT or a combination of EtherCAT devices and plug-in modules. The adoption of EtherCAT, known for its high speed and minimal jitter, highlights Delta Motion's dedication to high-performance control. With its widespread global acceptance, particularly among motor drives, EtherCAT also broadens the connectivity of RMC Motion Controllers, easing integration with a diverse range of actuators and sensors from third-party vendors.

“EtherCAT provides significant benefits for our customers, opening up options of reduced wiring, increased data flow, and easier integration with drives,” says Steve Nylund, CEO of Delta Motion. “Especially for hybrid machines that include both hydraulic motion control and motor drives, our customers can more easily control the entire machine. We have invested considerable effort into ensuring this EtherCAT feature is as user-friendly and robust as our customers have come to expect from Delta, and feedback from our beta testing customers has confirmed that we are living up to our reputation and meeting those high standards.”

EtherCAT, an Ethernet-based fieldbus system, simplifies wiring, reduces costs, and streamlines the design of complex machines. EtherCAT serves to further Delta’s support for both hydraulic and electromechanical control. Integration with motor drives is now easier and customers have greater flexibility and access to a broader array of products.

For more information on the new EtherCAT communication module and its integration with the RMC200 Motion Controller family, please contact Delta Motion at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call +1 360-254-8688.

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