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Combilift, the multidirectional forklift specialist, has been offering custom-made space saving material handling solutions for 25 years. Catering to all types of industries, Combilift has a strong presence in the steel fabrication industry. Our multidirectional forklifts and Straddle carriers’ capacities range from 2,200 lbs to 300,000 lbs and are available with a variety of attachments -wide hydraulic fork positioner, spreader bars…- that can be customized to fit your specific needs. Combilift’s multidirectional operation allows for more versatility, improving efficiency and safety, and makes it the perfect solution for carrying long steel beams, plates and other finished metal products in sideway mode through narrow doorways and confined spaces. Their robust design enables them to work both indoors and outdoors, on semi-rough terrains, and in all weather conditions. For more information, visit


The Combi-CB 155E new fully-electric model is the shortest 15500lbs capacity counterbalance truck on the market and features exceptional maneuverability. Combi-CB 155E benefits from an impressively small footprint and its compact size and sideways movement capability make it easier to navigate through tight spaces, narrow aisles, and transport long steel billets and bars as well as other steel products such as coils, pipes, metal roofing... This model features Combilift’s award-winning patented Independent Traction control system , which eliminates long-load momentum twisting when travelling sideways. 

A further feature is its large super-elastic tyres, making it ideally suited for the operational demands of the steel industry and guaranteeing the smoothest of rides over uneven, slippery or less-than-perfect ground conditions.


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