Enmark Systems Inc.

Enmark Systems Inc.
Ann Arbor, Michigan
phone: 734/669-0110

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Founded in 1983, Enmark's philosophy has never changed; serve the Metal Service Center Industry with the latest technology to enhance operations from the ground floor up. Based in Ann Arbor, Michigan, and serving over 300 companies and over 3,000 users throughout North America, Enmark Systems is here to stay.

The Windows Based Flagship product of Enmark, ENITEO, was launched in late 2004 and has taken root deep in the Metal Service Center community.


ENITEO, which means to be outstanding/conspicuous, utilizes advanced technology including: barcode scanning, touch-screen shop floor and Microsoft Cloud services. This provides the Service Center Industry with a complete software package for maintaining, processing and costing inventory accurately.

Enmark utilizes agile development and issues several releases every year based on our customers’ needs and the direction of the service center industry. This enables customers to take advantage of new technologies that give them a distinct advantage in the marketplace.

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