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Novi, Michigan
phone: 248/560-0080

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For over 60 years, BLM GROUP has been at the forefront of creating advanced fabricating systems that result in a more seamless production process while enhancing productivity for our customers. We provide technologically advanced fabricating machines including flat sheet, tube and 5-axis laser cutters; tube benders; press brakes; tube end forming, and sawing solutions. 

We deliver machines that provide process optimization, efficiency and direct material benefit to our customers. Our experience in the fabrication field has given us a deep understanding of advanced mechatronics and the importance of software, which is crucial to the functionality of our machines, such as our Smart Tools technology that dynamically adapts to changing parameters during the fabricating process. Additionally, our equipment comes with choices of configuration, automation and material handling.

With our headquarters based in Italy, we have expanded our global presence to include a large network of subsidiaries with factory trained staff to provide pre- and post-sales support, training, spare parts and service to customers across the globe. The North American market is served by BLM GROUP USA, based in Novi, Michigan and offers flexible and competitive financing solutions through BLM GROUP Financial Services, making it easier than ever to invest in  your fabricating future.

Whether you’re processing flat sheet or tube stock, you can rely upon BLM GROUP’s expertise to enhance your daily fabrication operations and capabilities.

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LS7 Flat Sheet Laser System

Compact, efficient and configurable sheet metal laser cutting system with in-line or transverse pallet change. Fiber laser source up to 12kW and 2g axes acceleration. Process sheet metal in sheet sizes up to 162" x 79" in thicknesses from 0.20” to 1.57”.

LT7 Lasertube

Equipped with a 3D laser cutting head and designed to cut round tubes, squares, rectangles, special sections and open profiles, up to 23 kg/m (15.5 lb/ft) in weight and from 12 mm (.5”) to 152.4 mm (6”) in diameter.

E-TURN CNC Tube Bender

In-process right-hand/left-hand CNC tube bender for pipes and tubes up to 50.8mm (2”) diameter. All-electric axes to achieve repeatable, accurate parts, while minimizing set-up, changeover, and maintenance requirements.

ProBEND Press Brake

Fully-electric press brake handles any sheet metal bending application, available in 44 to 310-ton models for bending lengths of 4 to 17 feet. Lazersafe IRIS Plus technology, it can capture springback during forming and automatically apply correction to current parts for optimal quality.

LT8.20 Lasertube

Equipped with 3D tilt cutting head and able to perform high-precision angular cuts in round, square, triangular, special shapes as well as l-beams.  It can process diameters of up to 9.5” and bar weight up to 27 lb./ft.

ELECT CNC Tube Bender

All electric CNC tube bending machines for tubes up to 150 mm (6”). Configurable for right- or left-hand bending and fixed or radial bending in a single cycle. Up to eight tools can be fitted at the same time. Bending capability from 40 to 150 mm (6.0") diameters.

3-RUNNER/SMART/E-SHAPE End-Forming & Bending

Process from coil. All automatic tube straightening, forming and cutting workcell. Completely integrated process starting from a coil, bending parts with a mandrel, and end-forming. Effective solution for minimizing cycle times and part cost by running synchronous processes.

LT-FREE 5-Axis Laser Cutting System

Perfect for processing any 3D part with high precision and excellent cut quality. Process bent tubes, hydroformed components, tubular assemblies or stamped parts. Four (4) configurations are available to meet different production requirements: fixed worktables, dual-rotary index tables, dual shuttle tables, and combined robot/shuttle table.



3D cutting head. LT14 processes tubes up to 355 mm diameter (min. Ø 25,4 mm) and maximum weight of 100 Kg/mt; the LT24 handles tubes up to 610 mm of diameter (min Ø 50 mm) and maximum weight of 300 Kg/mt (up to 3500 kg per tube/profile). Cut tubes (round, square and rectangular), open profiles, H-beams or IPE, special profiles.