Lantek Systems Inc.

Lantek Systems Inc.
Mason, Ohio
phone: 877/805-1028

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Lantek, leaders in sheet metal software solutions, integrates the most advanced nesting software in the industry with the highest standards in manufacturing management solutions. Lantek provides CAD/CAM/MES/ERP software solutions for companies fabricating sheet metal, tubes, and beams with any cutting (laser, plasma, oxy-cut, water jet, shear) and punching technology. Lantek was founded in 1986, with its international headquarters in Alava, Spain and U.S. headquarters in Mason, Ohio. Currently, there are over 19,000 companies in more than 100 countries that trust Lantek solutions to complete their daily work.

Featured Product:


Lantek’s newest offering, MES+, provides real-time production monitoring for each of the plant's manufacturing processes. Precise information on the state of the machines (availability, maintenance, load state) and of the warehouse's capacity to satisfy the material needs for the orders is provided.


In addition, it offers the ability to view the progress of the orders to monitor what manufacturing stage they are at (cutting, bending, painting, assembling, etc.) and delivery deadlines. This data helps offer answers and solutions for any eventuality. Integration with Lantek Analytics and MES+ provide data for our Intelligent planning tool. This tool takes real-world feedback and incidents (unscheduled stops, urgent orders, lack of work, etc.) to generate a virtual simulation of any possible contingencies.


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