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Handling Metal Efficiently

Since 1964, Steel Storage Systems has served the metals distribution and metal working industries exclusively, using our knowledge and experience to design and manufacture a wide array of heavy-duty racking and conveying equipment.

Rugged Storage Solutions Featuring Roll-Out Drawers

Our products include patented original SpaceSaver Racks for bars, shapes, tubes and our Roll-out Sheet Rack. They feature unique storage receptacles that roll out into an aisle for immediate access for loading and retrieving material. SpaceSavers can be installed as need dictates, whether the application requires a single unit or multiple. Not only are these modular racks adaptable to most any load, their many sizes accommodate any building layout. We offer double-sided or one-sided models with crank-out or powered receptacles. The Roll-Out Sheet Rack is designed with drawers that roll-out smoothly to full extension permitting immediate access for placement and retrieval of flat material with a crane or forklift. We offer 5,000# and 10,000# drawer capacity models with manual, crank-out or powered drawers.

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Heavy-Duty Conveyor Components and Custom Integrated Systems

Conveyors include powered and idler rollers, transfers, loaders, measuring systems, order-filling stations, and accessory options. Our ability to engineer and build complete custom designs, including automated controls with a focus on metals applications, is what we are known for in the industry. We work closely with our customers to improve metal flow in their facility and optimize production efficiency.

• Powered and Idler Roller Conveyors
• Transfer and Cross Conveyors
• Lift and Carry Conveyor Systems
• Bar Loading and Discharge Systems
• Pivoting Conveyor Sections
• Turntable Conveyor Sections

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Beam Splitter

The Beam Splitter device splits beams into tees in conjunction with a rotary shear process. The Splitter features fixed and powered blocks that form a vice for the beam causing it to break. The Beam Splitter is incorporated into a Transfer Conveyor.

The operation is such that the Transfer will lift a scored beam off the rotary shear exit roller table and position it against the Splitter’s stationary block, which is adjustable to minimize the cylinder stroke and travel (for narrow vs wider beams).

The Transfer Conveyor not only facilitates the beam positioning but also provides accumulation space for the resulting tees.