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MC Machinery Systems Inc.
Elk Grove Village, Illinois
phone: 630/616-5920
fax: 630/860-2572


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MC Machinery System’s customers get the best of both worlds: A single source for a diverse arsenal of manufacturing technologies and our expansive and knowledgeable support network. Our expertise spans virtually every aspect of metalworking—from simple fabrication to CNC-driven, automated manufacturing cells.

Featured Item: ASTES4 Fully Integrated Automation Solution

The ASTES4 is the first fully integrated system capable of controlling the entire production process from loading, cutting, sorting, and unloading through to the storage of finished parts.

The system utilizes four cartesian grippers for loading, unloading, and the sorting of parts. Each gripper is capable of using the vacuum or magnetic tools in a variety of shapes and sizes to produce a more effective sorting speed. The process sorts the parts into kits, and its wide array of options allows different material thicknesses to be kitted on the same pallet. Downstream processes are taken into account to provide seamless integration into the production process.


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